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About Us

The South Huntington Water District has been proudly serving large portions of the Town of Huntington with a clean and plentiful water supply since June 16, 1925.  Beginning with a single well that fed portions of what was then known as Huntington Manor, the District now sprawls across 21.7 square miles, encompassing a large part of Huntington Station, all of Melville and South Huntington, and smaller sections of both Huntington and Cold Spring Harbor. With the large business and industrial sector of Melville, our service population on an average day is estimated to be in excess of 81,000 people.

“The Water District Fleet” (Historical photo -1960?)

In order to service that population, the South Huntington District operates more than twenty deep wells with a capacity to produce over 28,000,000 gallons of water per day. Our well water is treated to the exacting standards of the New York State Department of Health and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Before it leaves our well sites, we add a small amount of chlorine to protect water quality while it is in transit to your home. We also raise the pH of our water to counteract the generally acidic nature of Long Island’s groundwater. The District takes pride in maintaining our well and treatment sites, making every effort to blend into the community in which they are located.

District Well Site #10-2

Water that is not immediately used by our consumers goes into storage at one of our seven reservoirs. These huge steel and concrete tanks have a storage capacity of over 10 million gallons of water. Because our District encompasses some the naturally highest ground in the Huntington area, we do not require the traditional elevated tanks on steel legs.

Reservoir #19

After leaving our well or reservoir sites, the finished drinking water travels to you through our distribution system. A 255 mile-long network of  piping buried 5’ below the ground, this complex system consists of  water mains ranging in size from 3” to 20” in diameter. The Water District has the trained personnel and specialized equipment necessary to keep the system operating 24-hours a day.

Distribution System Repairs Underway

Many people do not realize that fire hydrants belong to the Water District and are an integral part of that same distribution system. South Huntington Water owns and operates more than 1600 fire hydrants, providing emergency fire-fighting water to six Huntington Fire Departments –Huntington Manor, Melville, Greenlawn, Dix Hills, Cold Spring Harbor and Huntington.

Although the South Huntington Water District has grown markedly from its very humble beginnings in 1925 to becoming the second largest water supplier in Suffolk County, we have never lost our dedication to you, the consumer.





We Deliver!

Not only is South Huntington Water District’s product safe, reliable and an exceptional value…but we deliver too.

We Deliver Public Health Protection – Our most important task is to bring you water that is safe to drink, abundant in supply, and affordable to all. While several thousand people a day worldwide become ill or perish from waterborne disease, every U.S. public water supplier delivers to you drinking water that is certified safe and meeting exacting regulatory standards.

We Deliver Fire Protection - Our brave, local firefighters are the backbone of Huntington’s fire protection system. But they will be the first to tell you that a key component of their work is a reliable water infrastructure that delivers fire-fighting water at pressures and volumes to extinguish even the worst fires. We deliver that supply to them through our well-maintained fire hydrants.

We Deliver Support For The Economy   - Huntington’s burgeoning residential and business growth is due to our community’s excellent reputation on the Island. Whether it’s schools, roads or local governments, Huntington is an attractive place to live and work. And make no mistake about it, when a prospective homeowner or business manager looks to a new location, water supply is a key consideration. We deliver that security to them and to our economy.

We Deliver Quality Of Life – In life, it’s sometimes the small things that count. While the above items are of paramount importance, it’s also nice to be able water our lawns, wash our cars or even fill the pool for the kids. We deliver quality of life.





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